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Thomas Barta - Podcast

The secrets of Marketing Leadership with Thomas Barta

In this episode Thomas reveals the secrets to successful marketing leadership, how he used imposter syndrome to fuel his ambition and the 12 power/value creation zone.   Who is Thomas Barta?   Thomas Barta is the world’s leading expert on marketing leadership.   A former marketer and McKinsey partner, he

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Meghan Farren - Podcast

Becoming Asda’s Chief Customer Officer

In this episode Meghan talks about how she is preparing for her transition into her new role as Chief Customer Officer at Asda, what she has learnt about herself during the pandemic and how her setbacks allowed her to develop. Who is Meghan Farren? While Megan brings a wealth of

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Russell Parsons - Podcast

The issues our industry faces today with Russell Parsons

In this episode, Russell shared his view on where marketing is today and how it has changed since he entered the industry, how his career journey differed to most and what advice he would give to those just starting their career. Who is Russell Parsons? Russell is the editorial lead

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Ashley Schofield - Podcast

The power of a community with Ash Schofield

In this episode, Ash talks about the importance of community, what it was like transitioning from CMO to CEO and how his childhood influenced him to be the leader he now is. Who is Ashley Schofield? Ash began his early career days working as a marketing analyst for a distribution

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Richard Bon - Podcast

Work, life balance with Richard Bon

In this episode, Richard talks about what he learnt throughout the pandemic, the importance of always learning and always balancing both work and home life. Who is Richard Bon? Richard Bon is Managing Director of Clear Channel UK. He joined the company back in 2000 and subsequently progressed through various

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Richard Robinson - Podcast

Re-defining the rule book with Richard Robinson

In this episode, we were joined by Richard Robinson, Managing Director of Xeim and Oystercastchers, who revealed his love for re-defining the rulebook, his passion for learning and the role mentoring has played in his life.   Who is Richard Robinson?   Richard is Managing Director of Xeim Engage, incorporating

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Pano Christou - Podcast

The Places We’ll Go Marketing Show with Pano Christou

In this episode, Pano talks about his hunger for learning, the importance of believing in yourself and what he wants his legacy to be after a such an incredible career at Pret A Manger.    Who is Pano Christou?   Pano is an experienced Executive with a demonstrated history of

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Empathetic Leadership with Mimi Nicklin

In this episode, Mimi talks about importance of empathetic leadership and where her passion for empathy came from, she takes a deep dive into what triggered her to write her best selling book “Softening the Edge” and Mimi also spoke to us about how her international career has developed over

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