Customer Service Practitioner Frequently Asked Questions

Customer service is one of the most critical roles in business and is fundamental to a company’s success, yet this is often an overlooked career. We are here to change that. With the launch of our new Customer Service Practitioner Level 2 Apprenticeship Programme, we’ve pulled together our most common frequently asked questions to help you navigate this as a potential career. 


What is a Customer Service Practitioner?

Customer service is the support offered to customers before and after they buy and use a product or service, helping them have an easy and enjoyable experience. A practitioner is responsible for providing high-quality services to customers, influencing their experience with the brand and relationship with the company. This could be digitally or face-to-face and can include dealing with orders, troubleshooting problems, and supporting the sale and aftercare. 

How do I become a Customer Service Practitioner?

Starting a career in customer service is accessible to many and doesn’t require a degree-level qualification. Instead, individuals can opt to start in an entry-level position, learning on the job and progressing through a career with the support of colleagues. There are also well-established customer service training programmes, including apprenticeships, which can enhance and speed up entry into a customer service role by learning and earning simultaneously. 

What skills do I need to be successful in a customer service role?

A natural leader in customer service will have strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work well with others and remain calm in pressure situations. Strong attention to detail and excellent communication skills are essential to ensure you provide the best possible experience with the business. Criticism is also vital. A proactive attitude to detect and offer your services to customers will give you the best platform to succeed in this role. 

What qualifications will I earn?

The Level 2 Customer Service Practitioner Apprenticeship Programme is the perfect foundation course and entry into a customer service career. The Level 2 Apprenticeship is equivalent to 5 GCSE passes and should be seen as a gateway into the industry with the potential for enrolling for further qualifications. 

What job prospects will I have upon completing the apprenticeship programme?

Many roles are available in customer service, including customer care representatives, specialists, customer service engineers, customer success managers and even the opportunity to work remotely as a customer service professional. The great thing is that all businesses need customer service support, so there will be plenty of options across every industry. 

What should my salary expectations be?

The average starting salary for a customer service professional is £18,000 in the UK, rising to £25,000 for mid-level and £40,000 for more senior roles – depending on location and company. 

Taking the next step

If you are interested in a career as a customer service practitioner and need to study to qualify in this area, please reach out to speak to one of our team members for more information on the Level 2 Apprenticeship Programme to start your journey today.


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