Content (Creator) is King

Being able to create content to springboard your marketing is key. Here we reveal why it can take your marketing to the next level.

“The more I create, the luckier I get”

You would have no doubt heard the saying, “the harder I work, the luckier I get”.

However, I would argue that in today’s world the phrase should be “the more content I create, the luckier I get”. 🍀

And therefore, I would like to officially crown content creators 👑 as the King’s of the marketing world.

Make no mistake their reign is only going to get stronger in 2023. 📈

But the good news is, we all have the ability to ‘be a creator’ in one shape or another and I would encourage you to do so. 👍

During an interview with Rand Fishkin, I asked him what was the best formats to create content in.

He said “whatever way you feel passionately about”. 💡

If you’re a writer, blog. If you’re a good interviewer, podcast. If you’re a good designer, draw. The reality is create in a way that you can do so consistently.

Let me demonstrate why this should be your number one priority. 1️⃣

The 1% Club

If I said, you could join the 1% club its likely to peak your interest. 🤔 And with content you can do just that. You see Michael Lin highlights a simple formula to illustrate:

  • 90% of internet users lurk on platforms

  • 9% interact with content through likes or comments

  • and only 1% of internet users create content

So by creating content consistently you form part of the 1% Club, where you are far more likely to get noticed and stay front of mine for your audiences. In the early days, it may seem like you are not getting much traction, but just remember 90% of people are watching you. 👀

The Law of Content Compound Interest

Content doesn’t expire and stays online for as long as you want it to. Think about the last article you wrote, podcast you did or video you uploaded even if it was months ago, it’s likely to still be there.

So even if it gets a few hundred views each month, it accumulates to a very significant number of the years.

The Laws of Compound Interest play out in relation to your content as well, so what may start out as relatively small numbers when you multiple each piece of content and the accumulative effect it has, all of a sudden the numbers begin to ramp up, fast. 💨

Credibility builder

There is no doubt that before you go into a meeting, do a deal or make a purchase you will always go online and do your homework. 📝

Well, creating content is just about the best way to add credibility to your brand (and/or personal brand). It allows you to also control the narrative of your brand and demonstrate the expertise that you can bring to a specific area.

I often speak to Chief Marketing Officers, can you guess what they all say they do before they interview a candidate?

They go onto their LinkedIn profile.

Do you know what they notice beyond the run of the mill CV stuff?

Two things; How many followers you have and what content are you putting out there. 🤯

If you’re a marketer that has 100 followers, they will question your ability to market, after all if you can’t even market yourself, can you market a product or service? Whilst, contributing to the knowledge of your niche demonstrates you have an active interest in the profession and that its off a standard that others want to hear from you. 👂

Take a look at your socials and see if it would truly hit the mark. ✔️ Maybe it’s just the thing that is holding you back from getting that promotion, new job or contract. 😃

Virtual networking

Imagine if you could network with hundreds of people each and every day, would that be beneficial to your business? The answer would no doubt be a resounding yes.

Well, this is what creating content can do for you. It can keep you front of mind and in hundreds of conversations each and every day.

It’s important to engage, respond and acknowledge others within your virtual community to nurture and maintain those relationships.

Fuels just about every aspect of your marketing

Finally, content is the oxygen that helps to fuel just about every other aspect of your marketing.

Take a look at the graphic, it shows you all the ways your content can help you fuel your marketing activities. In fact, screenshot it, print it, pin it and every time you create any content see if you are leveraging it in all these ways.

There are just so many opportunities to leverage your content, I would argue the opportunity cost of not doing so is enormous when you add up all the missed opportunities that it can bring.   

So what are you waiting for?

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