Webuyanycar ad is genius marketing creativity

Here is the latest campaign from Webuyanycar with Tik Toker, Mufasa. Here are the 7 creative marketing lessons on what makes this brilliant.

The new campaign from webuyanycar.com left a stamp on my mind. 🧠

Why is it so good?

1. 🌳 Culturally relevant

Webuyanycar meets you where you’re at. It’s not trying to be something it’s not. It’s not aspirational, rather it’s real and relevant for where their target audience is today. 

2. 🕺Jumped on the car dancing trend

We have all seen the vids (hopefully not too many have tried) the car dance. Webuyanycar took the concept from the original Mufasa video that went viral on Youtube a few years ago. The video had over 7 million views so they knew that it resonated (it had 131k likes and no thumbs down!). Mufasa is a Tik Toker now with an avid fan following.

They replicated it in a safe way, all with the Webuyanycar logo in the background. #Smartplay#Distinctbrandassets

3. 😘 Captures emotion

Mufasa’s expressions are priceless and are exactly how we would feel if we sold our car. It perfectly captures the excitement of the moment when he feels out he sold his car to Webuyanycar.

4. 🧐 Intriguing

Who is the person sitting next to him??? 🤷‍♂️ Maybe it’s you! 👆 Thats how they want you to see, like you’re right there.

5. 🎧 Sonic

Perfect extension to the existing sonic jingle that has been well entrenched into peoples heads. 🤯

6. 🎶 Catching and recognisable music

They reworked the popular song ‘Friday’ into a new and catchy rendition which leaves it ringing between your ears. You cant but keep replaying it in your mind and not get a happy feeling each and every time.

7. 👂Simple simple simple call to action

Enter your reg number now. Ah so simple, so risk free, so value-adding (how much is my car worth??) 

You see all these techniques work to create memory structures + positive emotional resonance with the brand and ad. ❤ It follows the principles of great creative advertising, for more information have a read of this article:

They have understood what’s important and meticulously build each element into the narrative and that’s why it works. 

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