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Digital Marketing

Your essential toolkit to competing and winning in this ever-changing digital world.


Digital is the most powerful weapon in a marketer’s toolkit and is a critical component for the success of any business.

Digital marketing requires a fundamental shift in the way that we think about our consumers and how we create strong and lasting relationships with them. The digital advantage enables us to generate a much richer, and in many cases real-time, understanding of our consumers and then turn that understanding into tangible insights that we can use to genuinely attract and add value to their lives.

So, this Digital Marketing programme is your essential toolkit to competing and winning in this ever-changing world. We will cover areas at each stage of the customer lifecycle and ensure you have a firm grounding of each stage of the digital marketing process from strategy to execution. At the end of our programme you would have developed the skills, knowledge, tools and techniques you need to take your business to the next level.


Comprising of the latest digital skills, 

tools and techniques

70+ Hours of content

Taken at your own time and pace to work 

around your schedule

Practical case studies

from leading practitioners, to learn exactly how they were able to apply digital marketing in their businesses

Key components of the programme:



Grab someone’s attention using digital marketing techniques such as Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation.



Making the purchase decision easy and simple for the consumer using your Digital Brand, Influencer Marketing and Paid Advertising



Make the purchase journey as easy as possible using techniques such as E-Commerce and M-Commerce and Selling through Voice Technology


Ongoing engagement

Forming relationships with your consumers by developing Customer Loyalty


Developing a digital marketing strategy

  • Key Topics

    Fundamentals of digital marketing
    Developing a digital marketing strategy
    Digital marketing channels and content creation
    Integration of digital marketing; online and offline
    Holistic measurement and the digital customer journey

Developing and growing a brand digitally

  • Key Topics

    Role of a brand in digital communications
    Creating a digital brand
    Determining brand success online
    Growing a brand online

Creating an e-commerce strategy to market and sell online

  • Key Topics

    Why develop an e-commerce strategy?
    Stages of developing an e-commerce approach
    Different types of e-commerce
    E-commerce platforms
    Role of CRM and customer engagement

Building a search engine optimisation strategy

  • Key Topics

    What is Search Engine Optimisation and what is it’s purpose?
    Key components of SEO
    Ranking factors
    Developing an SEO campaign
    Measuring an SEO campaign

Creating digital marketing content

  • Key Topics

    Developing a digital content strategy
    Created well-define digital content
    Types of digital content
    Content for social media
    Generating content in a scalable way

Marketing through voice technology

  • Key Topics
    Emergence of voice technology in marketing
    Voice-activated devices
    Considerations of voice technology
    Uses of voice technology in marketing
    Implications for marketers

Developing a paid advertising and paid social campaign

  • Key Topics

    What is paid advertising and paid social?
    Different types of paid search
    Determining paid social
    LinkedIn advertising overview
    Landing page optimisation

Becoming an influencer marketer

  • Key Topics

    The evolution of influencer marketing
    Types of influencers and their value
    Getting set-up as an influencer and generating followers
    Creating an influencer marketing strategy
    Issues to be aware of and the rules for influencers

How to generate customer loyalty digitally

  • Key Topics

    What is customer loyalty?
    How to earn customer loyalty?
    Creating a digital customer loyalty strategy
    Measuring a customer loyalty approach
    The death of customer loyalty

Digital marketing regulations and GDPR

  • Key Topics

    Fundamentals of the GDPR
    How do you comply with the GDPR
    Key principles of data regulation
    Fundamental rights of the data subject

Understanding the fundamentals of marketing

  • Key Topics

    Marketing fundamentals
    How has marketing changed
    Marketing’s place within an organization
    Becoming customer centric
    Marketing planning


  • On completion of this programme you will receive a Certificate in Digital Marketing by School of Marketing