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Digital Marketing

Your essential toolkit to competing and 

winning in this ever-changing world

Why this programme?


There is absolutely no doubt about it, the digital revolution is here and it is having a profound impact on our lives. We live in an inter-connected world, where borders matter less than bandwidth and business models are being disrupted across virtually every industry.


The opportunities that this presents are exponential in nature, to re-define how we meet the changing needs of our consumers as they adopt digital

in every aspect of their lives. From the way they connect to how they transact, it’s obvious that

the world has truly become a smaller place with distances now being defined in technological terms rather than geographical ones.


So as our consumers spend more time in the digital world, so do the digital opportunities available to us, however realising this potential is easier said than done.


That’s where we come in.


At the end of our programme you would have developed the skills, knowledge, tools and techniques you need to take your business to the next level.



Comprising of the latest digital skills, 

tools and techniques


Hours of content

Taken at your own time and pace to work 

around your schedule


Practical case studies

from leading practitioners, to learn exactly how they were able to apply digital marketing in their businesses

Example Workshop

Key components of the programme:



Grab someone’s attention using digital marketing techniques such as Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation



Making the purchase decision easy and simple for the consumer using your Digital Brand, Influencer Marketing and Paid Advertising




Make the purchase journey as easy as possible using techniques such as E-Commerce and M-Commerce and Selling through Voice Technology


Ongoing engagement

Forming relationships with your consumers by developing Customer Loyalty




Understanding the fundamentals of marketing

Key Topics

Marketing fundamentals

How has marketing changed

Marketing’s place within an organization

Becoming customer centric

Marketing planning

Skills Gained

Determine how to create a marketing campaign

Understand the fundamental principles that

underpin marketing activities

Determine how to become customer-centric

Create a marketing plan


Developing a digital marketing strategy

Key Topics

Fundamentals of digital marketing

Developing a digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing channels and content creation

Integration of digital marketing; online and offline 

Holistic measurement and the digital customer journey


Skills Gained

Be able to create a digital marketing strategy

Determine how best to integrate digital marketing with wider marketing activities

Develop a digital customer journey template 

Understand how to measure digital marketing activities



Developing and Growing a Brand Digitally

Key Topics

Role of a brand in digital communications 

Creating a digital brand

Determining brand success online

Growing a brand online



Skills Gained

Determine the role a brand plays in digital activities

Understand how to develop and create a brand that challenges the status quo

Be able to manage a brand through its lifecycle

Understand how to measure a brand