Our range of specialist business and marketing apprenticeships are designed to help employers equip their team members with the skills they need for the future

What is an apprenticeship?

The marketing space is constantly changing, you cannot expect to see real business growth if your marketing team are not up to date with the latest tools and trends, especially at the rate that the digital world is changing. 

When you enrol your new or existing team members on to one of our specialised apprenticeship programmes, your team will be able to bring fresh perspectives and ways of working into your business and start transforming your company. 

Whether you are looking to hire a new employee to enrol on to one of our programmes, or upskill a current team member, School of Marketing will support you through the entire process to ensure it is as seamless as possible. We can even support you with recruiting a new employee

Hire a new apprentice

Upskill your team

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Upskill your team​

Ensuring your team’s have access to the latest tools, techniques and knowledge is critical for business success. 

Apprenticeships form a key part in being able to up-skill your existing team and retain key talent within your organization.  ​​

Apprenticeships can benefit anyone, regardless of age and stage of their career since we all need to be constantly learning new skills.  ​​

Our programmes are specifically designed with existing employee’s needs and goals in mind, to ensure they can both manage their workload and learn new skills at the same time.  ​​

You can utilise the Apprenticeship Levy to up-skill your existing teams, so a very cost effective way to enhance your organisation, whilst nurturing and retaining existing talent.  

Upskill your team

Hire an apprentice

As an employer, it is key that you find new diverse talent to unlock new potential for your organisation. School of Marketing makes this process simple and seamless.  

At the heart of our recruitment approach is a strong focus on bringing together talent from diverse backgrounds and have unparalleled access to individuals from non-traditional backgrounds.  

The benefits of hiring an apprentice are significant, from unlocking new business ideas and perspectives to opening up new opportunities for your business.  

The Apprenticeship Levy

The Apprenticeship Levy is a UK tax on businesses with an annual pay bill of over £3 million that creates long-term funding for apprenticeships. Employers all over the UK can access this funding when training apprentices.

If your business already pays into The Apprenticeship Levy, you can get 100% funding for the cost of training an apprentice.

Businesses that don’t contribute to the Levy can still apply for 95% funding towards the cost of an apprenticeship.

We can help your business apply for this funding

Kickstarter to apprentice

If you’ve taken advantage of the government’s Kickstart Scheme and found a young person you want to continue with your organisation an apprenticeship could be the perfect route. ​​

An apprenticeship is the natural progression to give them the skills, knowledge and qualifications they’ll need to excel in their new role and help your business grow.

Our programmes

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Marketing Executive

Level 4 Marketing Executive

Content Creator

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