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An 8-week holistic marketing programme for new starters. Develop the skills to be successful in any organisation.


Created by some of the best marketers in the world, the Jump Start Programme is truly unique.

People say that everything in marketing is changing. They are wrong.


The marketing fundamentals don’t change, how they are executed do. Its time we recognise the difference in order to become true and dynamic marketers who are ready to take on the future.


Our mission is to help those starting their journey in marketing access the skills and knowledge they need to develop into the future giants of the industry.


Jump Start has been designed to underpin the essential fundamentals of marketing, as well as provide the latest tools and techniques required to excel in today’s environment.


The focus is on building practical marketing skills, so that delegates can hit the ground running in any marketing department, big or small.


Comprising of the latest digital skills, 

tools and techniques

70+ Hours of content

Taken at your own time and pace to work 

around your schedule

Practical case studies

from leading practitioners, to learn exactly how they were able to apply digital marketing in their businesses

Structure of the programme

Key topics:

Programme introduction and Marketing Fundamentals​

  • Face to face

    Marketing Fundamentals and Trends

    The role of marketing
    Customer centricity – segmentation
    Brands with purpose
    Changing nature of marketing and trends

    Online courses

    Marketing fundamentals
    Developing a brand

Developing a proposition and the customer experience and journey

  • Online courses

    Proposition development
    Customer journey mapping

Customer research and the insight/creative process

  • Face to face

    Understanding your customers: assumptions vs
    What is an insight?
    How does the creative process work?
    Choosing and managing agencies
    Changing nature of creative content development

    Online courses

    Developing a marketing strategy
    Developing a marketing and creative brief
    Searching and appointing an agency

Developing a proposition and the customer experience and journey

  • Face to face

    Proposition development process
    Moving from product to experience
    Creating the ideal customer journey using data
    Continually engaging your customers

Optimising conversions and marketing effectiveness

  • Online courses

    Marketing effectiveness
    Regulations and GDPR

Launching the campaign and compelling communications to inspire action in customers

  • Online courses

    Developing a search engine optimisation campaign
    Developing a paid advertising and paid social

Launching the campaign and compelling communications to inspire action in customers

  • Face to face

    How to develop compelling communications.

    Communications strategy:
    • Social Media
    • Infuencer marketing
    • PR
    • CRM
    • SEO, PPC and Content

Engaging customers and the pitch

  • Online courses
    Building customer loyalty
    Brand activations
    Behavioural economics
    Customer lifetime value

    Face to face

    Pitch and Presentation:

    At this stage, our learners get to pitch their ideas to a
    senior leadership team in order to put their skills and
    ideas to the test.