Kickstarter to Apprentice​

If you’ve taken advantage of the government’s Kickstart Scheme and found a young person you want to continue with your organisation an apprenticeship could be the perfect route. 


An apprenticeship is the natural progression to give them the skills, knowledge and qualifications they’ll need to excel in their new role and help your business grow.

What is an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships benefit both employers and apprentices.


Employers fill key roles in their business with motivated, eager-to-learn team members who learn on the job, developing essential skills and up-to-date techniques.


Apprenticeships have the opportunity to earn as they learn for organisations that value them and are willing to invest in their future.


School of Marketing’s innovative apprenticeships are cutting-edge training programmes designed to upskill marketing team members with the knowledge and skills to be at the forefront of digital and data-led marketing.

How an application works, step by step...

Incentive payments for hiring a new apprentice

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