How to Become a Content Creator

How to become a content creator - Career Paths

This series explores the wide range of marketing career paths available to help you decide your best fit. Next, let’s explore the role of a Content Creator and how this can evolve into a fruitful career. 

What is a Content Creator?

A Content Creator sits at the heart of a marketing team, taking campaign briefs and turning them into engaging and exciting content for the customer. This includes all elements that are used across media platforms and channels. Content Creators typically work alongside Designers and Developers to produce content and get this to market. A Content Creator role offers excellent variety and experience and is a more creative route to marketing. 

What are the primary responsibilities of a Content Creator?

The core responsibility of a Content Creator is just that – creating content. There is much more at stake than just creating a piece of content. All content needs to be thought through considering the customer and the objective the content is trying to meet. This includes; 


  • Researching the customer and the types of content and platforms they engage with 
  • Keeping up to date with trends, pop culture and the news (to ensure the content is timely and relevant) 
  • Understanding of brand strategy and how this impacts and guides the content 
  • Writing and interpreting briefs 
  • Copywriting and proofreading
  • Understanding different media channels and how brands can leverage them to achieve different results 
  • Using video and photography to capture content 
  • Developing campaign content and executing this across channels 
  • Reviewing the performance of content and optimising towards a specific goal.


What skills do I require to be successful?

Content Creators have a particular skill set that enables them to understand the bigger picture of a campaign or project, interpret the brief and then translate that into a content strategy and plan. To do this, Content Creators need a wide variety of skills: 


  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills 
  • Good relationship management skills 
  • Agility to respond quickly to briefs and turnaround content 
  • Creative thinking to turn ideas into reality 
  • Curiosity to remain ahead of the curve and on trend 
  • Organisation skills to enable effective planning
  • Entrepreneurial energy to test and learn new things 

What career opportunities are available to me?

A career in content can be gratifying and lead down many different paths. There will be opportunities to work for brands and organisations that need content to thrive and grow, or equally, there are opportunities at some fantastic content agencies around the world. Content takes many forms and means individuals could be working on content across all media platforms, including TV, Out-of-Home (OOH), Print, Online, Social Media and other forms of advertising… the list is endless! 

Where could this role lead in the future?

A career in content could progress into different opportunities from content planner roles up to a Head of Content role within an organisation. Individuals could opt for a more specialist content role such as copywriting, design or internal/external communications. Equally, individuals in content might opt for a freelance role – the world is your oyster. 

How do I become a Content Creator?

There are many ways to become a Content Creator, whether you study for a qualification or opt for an entry-level role in the world of content. A great way to test and understand whether a content role is right for you is to start planning and creating your content, perhaps on social media or if you have a blog or website. Building a portfolio and practice will demonstrate passion and enthusiasm, regardless of your path. If you’re stuck, check out our new Level 3 Content Creator Apprenticeship Programme for inspiration! 

Salary Expectations

Salary Expectations - Content Creator - Career Paths


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