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Have you ever wondered what a digital marketing apprenticeship consists of? Yes, well, let us explain what we teach in our forward-thinking course. 


It should be no surprise to learn that the digital marketing landscape has grown exponentially over the last ten years and underpins how businesses approach marketing today. So, to prepare our students for success, we’ve developed a top digital marketing apprenticeship programme that leaves no stone unturned. We pride ourselves on teaching the latest skills and techniques available to marketers today to equip them with the necessary tools to thrive in the industry. 

What is the Digital Marketing Apprenticeship standard?

The Digital Marketing Level 3 Apprenticeship Standard sets out the core competencies and skills required as part of the course, including technical competencies, technical knowledge and understanding and skills, attitudes and behaviours. Below these sit particular learning outcomes which need to be met by the end of the course. All in all, this brings some consistency around what students will learn, no matter which provider they choose, enabling all Level 3 students to complete their apprenticeship with a standardised knowledge base. 


We have then taken these requirements to build our course as engaging, practical, and insightful as possible using real-world examples and lessons from the best marketing industry leaders. 

The School of Marketing Learning Journey

We have created a learning journey that seamlessly brings the standard across five modules, a number of optional elective modules, and draws on some of the most critical skills marketers need to know. 

Module 1 – The fundamentals of marketing and digital marketing 

  • Science of Marketing and Digital Marketing
  • Optimising the digital marketing funnel
  • Link between the macro environment and digital marketing
  • Generating consumer and competitor insights using digital channels
  • Building a digital and direct to consumer brand
  • Digital marketing through the customer journey
  • Digital community building and content marketing
  • Integrated media planning
  • Linking online and offline communications

Module 2 – Digital content and campaign development

  • Content and creative process
  • Designing digital campaigns
  • Creating social media content
  • Community management
  • Role of micro-creators and influencers
  • Storytelling in a digital environment
  • Working with agencies and stakeholders
  • Leveraging digital content across social media

Module 3 – SEO and SEM

  • Overview of on and off page SEO
  • Search behaviour
  • Key word research
  • Crawlability and UX
  • Site structure and keyword mapping
  • Link building
  • SEO strategy
  • Local SEO
  • Youtube SEO
  • Amazon SEO
  • Future of search

Module 4 – Paid media and performance advertising

  • Writing targeted ads
  • Performing strategic keyword research
  • Creating high-converting landing pages
  • Measuring key performance indicators
  • Paid social targeting
  • Ad tracking and performance
  • Analysing and optimising ad performance

Module 5 – Email marketing and customer lifecycle

  • Customer journey mapping
  • Customer relationship management
  • Customer lifecycle management
  • Email fundamentals
  • Copywriting for email
  • Email design and campaign launch
  • Schedule and organize emails
  • Select triggers to determine what actions will initiate email marketing sequences
  • Optimize email marketing sequences based on key metrics

Module 6 – Digital and data analytics

  • Understand the importance of strategically prioritizing digital marketing analytics projects
  • Know how to effectively allocate budget to maximize profits
  • Experience that vanity metrics (impressions and clicks) have limited utility and that KPIs such as ROI should be used in their place
  • Expose students to various digital marketing decision-making scenarios
  • Perform A/B testing and web analytics

Elective modules

We also offer optional elective modules throughout your learning journey that are designed to boost your learning by taking a deep dive into your chosen topic(s). 


1. eCommerce, Social Commerce and D2C 

  • Develop eCommerce and social commerce campaigns using various platforms 

  • Determine the role of direct to consumer strategies vs third parties


2. Organic Social and Content Marketing

  • Increasing and engaging with followers 

  • Determining how to create a content plan that resonates 

  • Developing an engaging journey to turn customers into fans


3. Pay-per Click, Paid Advertising and Paid Social

  • Creating pay per click campaigns 

  • Developing paid social adverts; channels and creative 

  • Determining how ad exchanges work and types of programmatic options available including content discovery platforms 


4. Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing

  • Determining key levers of on-site SEO; website performance, keyword analysis, tools and analytics, landing page optimisation 

  • Determining key levers of off-site SEO; back links, creative copy, blogging and vlogging, customer experience


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