Mentoring: A game changer for young careers – Naomi Sargent

Having access to a mentor throughout your career is one of the most underrated resources in career development. Unfortunately, many people go their whole career without an official mentor, perhaps because they don’t know they exist or don’t know where to find one. Our mission is to make mentoring accessible to all – particularly to help Gen Zers who are trying to navigate their early careers and find a route into marketing. 


Our mentorship programme has grown in spades over the last year, but we want to do more. So, to encourage even more potential marketers to join the programme, we’ve reached out to community members to find out why they love the Mentoring Gen Z programme and how it has influenced their careers to date. 

Meet Naomi Sargent - Marketing at Itsu

Naomi started her career in sales, was unhappy with her role, and wanted to move into marketing. Then she came across mentoring gen z on LinkedIn and thought it looked cool – bonus, it was free! She said: “I was really excited by the fact that it was so accessible. It was super valuable and insightful in driving my confidence to make the change into a marketing role”. 


“I think it’s definitely a case of confidence, especially when you’re speaking to people with such great experience; they’ve directed companies and worked at amazing big brands. So they have that chat with you, listening to your opinions and reinforcing that your thoughts are valid and that confidence is invaluable.”


She explains that people of that calibre are usually hard to get hold of, and mentoring gen z manages to pull these people together and offer valuable pieces of their time, which you wouldn’t get by directly messaging them on LinkedIn, so it’s fantastic. 


“It has been really valuable for my career, moving from sales to marketing, and working with these people has been a huge factor in that. While pursuing my marketing career, it has given me practical tips I can genuinely apply and having Intellectual conversations with other people in the industry has been great. I definitely recommend it!” 

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