Mentoring: A game changer for young careers – Tara Bhandari

Having access to a mentor throughout your career is one of the most underrated resources in career development. Unfortunately, many people go their whole career without an official mentor, perhaps because they don’t know they exist or don’t know where to find one. Our mission is to make mentoring accessible to all – particularly to help Gen Zers who are trying to navigate their early careers and find a route into marketing. 


Our mentorship programme has grown in spades over the last year, but we want to do more. So, to encourage even more potential marketers to join the programme, we’ve reached out to community members to find out why they love the Mentoring Gen Z programme and how it has influenced their careers to date. 

Meet Tara Bhandari - BSc Business Management Student

Tara is a 1st-year Business Management student at King’s College London. She felt this programme was a perfect opportunity to get her feet into marketing and see what it’s about as marketing is an up-and-coming industry.  


She said, “Mainly, it’s helped me build my confidence, and I’ve met some super inspirational people in the industry. It’s about bridging the gap between Gen Z and industry professionals who have done something amazing with their lives”. 


“I think there’s always an opportunity in the sessions to ask questions about your personal development & career path. Getting that advice from people on the same path has been extremely valuable. It’s brilliant for university students to think ahead career-wise and get the right information to feel prepared. 


“It’s been great; the network is great, and getting that one-on-one time with the mentor is super helpful as well”. 


She finished by saying that her advice would be just to join, explaining that it’s a nice environment and community and everyone is there to learn and make the most of it. “Don’t feel nervous; we’re all on different journeys – everyone is super nice and helpful, and you could end up meeting friends too”. 

If this has inspired you to join our mentorship programme, please register here. 


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