School of Marketing mentees share their mentoring experiences.

Sharing lived mentoring experiences is essential to build awareness of the benefits of having or becoming a mentor. However, we believe that not enough young people have access to the right mentoring programmes to help them navigate their early careers. As a result, many won’t even consider mentoring as an option. We’re here to change that. 


Over the year, we’ve inspired over 700 young people to take up mentoring with some of the leading marketing experts of our time. We must ask for feedback to ensure that the programme delivers on expectations and that we are genuinely impacting these young people’s lives. It has been heart-warming to read the responses and hear first-hand how we are helping to change the industry. 


We wanted to share these experiences with you to encourage even more young people to sign up and take advantage of the programme. Will you help us spread the word? 

Our mentees share their experiences.

Mentee 1: The session helped me overcome a fear of change and try something new. It allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone and listen to like-minded people. I feel as though the advice given about future soft skills and the industry is vital for someone in my position who is trying to navigate the next step. It allowed me to see how workplace culture is integral to the performance and mental wellbeing of yourself as an employee but also everyone else around you.


Mentee 2: I liked how open the session was and the fact that we talked about anxiety. It makes you feel that everyone in business should be open to talking about these things more.


Mentee 3: I have learned that I need to find space to learn about things that interest me, even if they do not directly relate to my role at the current moment. This will help me develop in the future. I have also learned that discussing my personal development goals in a work setting could be an excellent way to ensure I am working towards them.


Mentee 4: I think it is a great programme; I like how the places are limited to a small number as it makes the session feel more inclusive, and more of a community feel to the programme! So far, the speakers you have had have been great and have been approachable and engaging. 


Mentee 5: My experience from attending just two of the School of Marketing Mentoring Programme sessions have been invaluable. The opportunity to spend dedicated time with such impressive guests as part of a small group is not an experience you can get anywhere else. What an amazing platform and opportunity for young and aspiring marketers to take advantage of

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