What happens after completing an Apprenticeship?

The all-important question we are asked regularly by aspiring marketers considering an apprenticeship. 

Congratulations! With a marketing qualification secured, and bulks of experience to add to the CV, it’s now time to secure a full-time role. But, how? This is one of our most commonly asked questions and can sometimes feel like a mystery. So, we’re here to break it down. 

Continuing work after an Apprenticeship

Often we find that on completion of a marketing apprenticeship course, apprentices are offered a permanent role within the company they have been working for should there be a position. In fact, according to the latest stats from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, 90% of apprentices are offered a permanent role either during their apprenticeship or on completion1. This is the natural progression given that both the apprentice and employer have invested heavily in the individual’s development with the apprenticeship tailored to that specific company. However, this is not always guaranteed, and apprentices should know their options. 


Of course, the apprentice could look for new roles if they don’t want to continue working for the employer. This might be because they are looking for a new challenge; they want to work at a different company or in a new industry. Either way, no one route is the right or wrong approach, and each individual should assess what next step is best for them. 

Applying for external marketing roles

Upon completing a Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship, newly qualified apprentices may search and apply for new marketing roles in the industry. The types of roles this could include are; Campaign Executive, Digital Marketing Assistant/Executive, or a more specialised role, for example, SEO, CRM or Social Media Executive. 

Apprentices should use all of the skills and experiences they’ve encountered while completing their apprenticeship programme to give examples at interviews and bring their enthusiasm for marketing to life. 

Our top tips for securing your next job

Searching for a new job or interviewing can be intimidating, so we’ve got you covered. Here are our top tips for securing your next role: 


  • Update your CV with your latest experience, calling out essential skills, projects and most importantly, ROI. 
  • Update your LinkedIn profile to match – remember that your online personal brand is just as important. 

  • Do your research into the different roles by looking at the job description and skills specifications to make sure you are happy and interested in the role and company. Does it sound fun? Are you excited about the prospect of working for that company? 

  • Prepare for the interview. Research the company. Look at their past campaigns. Then, go to the interview with examples and prepare to talk about your experience. 

  • Think of some killer questions you want to ask the interviewees before you go in – remember you are interviewing them to make sure the company is a good fit. 

Whether it’s remaining at the same employer in a new role or finding a unique opportunity externally, this will give the apprentice the next step in their career. They will be able to put into practice all of their newfound skills. Ultimately, the apprentice should consider what they enjoy most, their strengths, and where they feel they can excel and find a role that matches them. 


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