Should have gone to Specsavers! 

An analysis of Specsavers' latest campaign "Don't let your specs get in the way", as they launch their Kiss Clash before Valentine's Day.

Who would have thought that Specsavers would have become the authority on kissing eh? 

Well for all of you in the know ;0) it’s always better to kiss with your glasses off (and your contacts lenses on!). 

The latest campaign from Specsavers’ is a perfect Valentines Day special, called the ‘Kiss Clash’. It sports the line, “Don’t let your specs get in the way”. 

It’s a poke at all those awkward moments you can have when you’re cuddling up with your special someone with your glasses on. It’s a lovely precious little insight to bring to life ahead of the day of love. I can only imagine how they spotted it?! 

Let’s figure out what makes it just the perfect anecdote for the 14th of February. 

1. Creative execution 

I must kick off with the tone of the campaign. Not serious, quite the opposite and in fact it’s lovely and light hearted. It brings in humour, which by the way, is a rare commodity these days but so impactful. 

IPA Effectiveness Study, 2022

According to the stats, from the IPA Effectiveness Study (2022), humour is amongst the least used creative technique. 

It has fallen considerably in recent years and sits under ’emotion’, ‘storytelling’ and ‘partnerships’.

However, when we contrast it to impact, it is one of the strongest forces to build memory structures, according to a Kantar study.

So go Specsavers’ for nailing it bang on the money there!

2. Copywriting 

I don’t usually pull out copywriting in isolation but I can’t help myself. Ah the tagline, “Don’t let your specs get in the way” is just so perfect for the occasion. 

The play on words that conjures up both the obvious and subtle connotations – just so impressive. Either which way, you are left with the obvious answer of contact lens, which is obviously what they are going for. Copywriting is one of the most important marketing skills and here is a perfect example of why this is the case. 

3. Commercial and strategic intent 

My oh my, there may well be a bigger strategic reason for this ad. Perhaps glasses are out of favour and fashion? Since it’s exactly this that they are known for, they are helping to re-frame (pun intended) their perception in the market.

Contact lens are clearly in and Specsavers are looking to capitalise on this. 

So you can see how a simple, well executed creative incorporates so many strategic aspects. I would love to see the creative brief here. I bet it oozes in detail and was crystal clear on the strategic intent. 

4. Multi-channel activation 

The implementation of the campaign is really something to marvel at. A multi-pronged attack, so to speak. 

The out of home signage just bosses their tagline and no other real distractions. Why? Their brand salience is high enough that people know where to go. 

Secondly, their advert is funny and engaging. It explains the concept perfectly, no abstraction or room for misinterpretation. 

Thirdly, they have a string of 20 seconds clips that demonstrate the perils of not listening to their advice! It’s a classic, ‘should have gone to Specsavers’ moment. So nicely sticking to their core brand positioning. 

5. Timing, timing, timing 

Love is in the air! They pitched the perfect moment to lift off on this campaign. 

Well done Specsavers – you’ve pulled off a cracking advert! 

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