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Meet our growing team of people that are passionate about providing next generation training.

Hello from our CEO & Founder

The School of Marketing was founded to give young people from diverse backgrounds access to opportunities in the marketing industry.


Today, we continue to open doors and have become a thriving global community for all existing and budding marketers to develop and take their next steps in their career.  


We’re passionate about the development and creation of the next generation of who we term, Industry Giants. We want to train innovative, high-quality marketers, and enable individuals to thrive and progress through all stages of their career aspirations.


We also continue to champion the marketing industry and lead the thinking on how we can become more inclusive, diverse, and open to under-represented talent.  


One of the ways we do this is through our unique mentoring programme. We currently have over 80 CMOs from FTSE companies directly mentoring on our programme and we’re adding more all the time.


Our ethos and mission make us well placed to guide people at all stages of their career, toward the right training and career opportunities within the industry.


Meet the team members below that help make it all happen.

Ritchie Mehta, 

CEO and founder 

School of Marketing

Ritchie Mehta - CEO
School of Marketing - Logo

Governing Board

Ritchie Mehta

Idalina De Jesus

Mark Evans

Lex Bradshaw-Zanger


Ritchie Mehta

Founder and CEO

Idalina De Jesus

Managing Director

David Porter

Head of Operations

Jane Richardson

Quality Manager

Lia Trunchion

Marketing Executive

Amber-Rose Rawlings

Marketing and Programme Manager, Tutor and Skills Coach

Iraklis Ioánnou

Motion Graphic Designer and Videographer

Luke Besant

Tutor and Performance Marketing Manager

Tiffanie Marples

Recruitment Manager

Kirstie Morton

Client Relationship Manager


Luke Besant

Amber-Rose Rawlings

Sandra Thompson

Mimi Nicklin

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