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Mentoring Gen Z

Launched in response to the Covid 19 lockdowns of 2020, we created our Mentoring Gen Z programme to support and encourage young people impacted by the pandemic. In the world of business, your network really is your net worth. Our mission is to empower you to build, grow, and excel with expert guidance. This foundational mentoring programme is completely free to access and open to all learners regardless of age or background.



One of our main goals at School of Marketing is to promote and improve diversity and inclusion within the marketing industry.  In order to do this we are continuously working to breakdown stereotypes and myths that hinder people from diverse background starting a marketing career, and connecting them with giants in the marketing industry to give them the confidence and connections they need to pursue a career in marketing. 


Apprenticeships For all ages

It’s a common myth that apprenticeships are only appropriate for school leavers or someone just starting their career. The reality is, anyone, whether a new starter or existing member of staff, can utilise a School of Marketing Apprenticeship to kickstart or enhance their career no matter what age or background they come from.

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Mentoring Gen z

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