Empathetic Leadership with Mimi Nicklin

In this episode, Mimi talks about importance of empathetic leadership and where her passion for empathy came from, she takes a deep dive into what triggered her to write her best selling book “Softening the Edge” and Mimi also spoke to us about how her international career has developed over the years.


Who is Mimi Nicklin?


I believe that Empathetic Influence can make a significant difference to the world of work and society, and I am extremely passionate about conscientious leadership and the impact we can have as leaders today. Today I balance my work in empathy with my strategic and creative leadership in at The Devmark Group, ensuring I integrate my leadership work in the corporate and marketing world with my passion for inspiring empathy globally.


A lifelong copywriter, I never thought about becoming an author until I wrote Softening The Edge. Once I identified the reach and impact of the Empathy Deficit globally, I couldn’t stop writing. I am a strategist and writer by nature and this book focuses on something I have been passionate about for my entire career – the sustainable wellness of our workforce, human led leadership, and the future of effective creativity and brand building. My principles are principles of people and I focus on opportunities for enhanced organisational culture as well as brand strategy that heroes consumer empathy and creativity.


I am the host of The Empathy for Breakfast Show, a weekly breakfast podcast, with a reach of 85,000. You can view it on all leading podcast platforms. I believe in the systematization of empathetic influence & Regenerative Leadership to create the best of creative work, the happiest of teams and the most sustainable facets of a healthy society.


I have worked across twenty-five markets from within independent agencies, as well as within both WPP and Omnicom, and from client side. Having recently changed my role from the Regional Managing Director role at Rapp MEA to focus on strategic and creative delivery as their contracted full time strategic ECD, I am now passionately driving strategic and creative output as part of the agency’s growth strategy for 2021. Previously the Global Vice President, GlaxoSmithKline, for Grey Group in Singapore and having held roles as Regional Strategic Director and Chief Marketing Officer, my key strength is in building team culture and cohesion, creative storytelling and strategic concept, insight and brand development. I have honed this living in London, Hong Kong, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Singapore and Dubai.


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