Employability Skills: Digital - Immediate access to 5 modules to give you the digital skills required by employers.


What do we cover?

online units of study

A structured range of online modules with instant access

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to gain meaningful employment in the digital world


The programme requires around 10 hours of self-study to complete

What will you get out of it?

Here is a breakdown of each of the modules:

Developing an Influencer Marketing Strategy

Learning Outcomes:

- What Influencer marketing is and how the industry has evolved

- Determine the role of Influencer marketing in relation to marketing campaigns

- Types of Influencers and the value equation and how this impacts different plans for organisations

- Creating an Influencer marketing strategy

- Challenges and rules of Influencer marketing

Developing a Digital Marketing Strategy

Learning Outcomes:

- The role digital marketing plays in the marketing mix and how it integrates with other channels

- Determining how to measure digital marketing activities

- Creating a digital marketing strategy and campaign

- Digital Marketing channels and creating content plans for specific digital channel

Power of Creative Storytelling

Learning Outcomes:

- The resurgence of storytelling as a powerful marketing tool 

- The ingredients of storytelling

- The process of creating your story

- Tips on becoming a better storyteller

Developing a Paid Marketing and Paid Social Campaign

Learning Outcomes:

- What is Paid Advertising

- Different types of Paid Search

- Paid Social

- Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn Advertising

- Landing page optimisation

Marketing on Instagram

Learning Outcomes:

- Tools and techniques to be able to become an Influencer on Instagram

- Creating an Influencer strategy in line with other channels

- Evaluating performance across Instagram and other channels

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