A Feast Fit for a King at the Coronation with Waitrose 

Here I review what's in-store at Waitrose for the King's Coronation, one of the most highly anticipated events in the British calendar.
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One of the year’s most highly awaited British calendar events is nearly upon us, which is none other than the King’s Coronation. 

Being sworn into one of the world’s largest and most historical institutes is worthy of a good celebration. And Waitrose are putting on quite the showcase. They are giving a big nod of their hats to the monarch and providing royal treats and specialities to parties up and down Britain. 

But what is quite literally in-store at the supermarket? 

Mouth-watering delights are plenty, from afternoon teas to lots of bubbly and biscuits fit for the King. But here are my favs to get you geared up for quite the royal rave. 

The first has got to be the Jack Russell cake, inspired by Charles’s most loyal friend. Washed down with a bit of Silent Pool gin, the perfect way to mark the occasion as you take a holiday spin. 

A chocolate bake tray for anyone, I must ask. At Waitrose, it’s the pride of place to celebrate Charles’ upcoming reign, washed down perfectly with their very own Champagne in a specially marked glass. You can check out their full Coronation range here.

I caught up with Waitrose’s Customer Director, Nathan Ansell, for his take on the approach. He said, 

“Now that Easter is over, customers are focusing on how they will celebrate the Coronation. This week we’ve seen a huge spike in searches on our website and app for coronation products. Customers are planning to celebrate the Coronation with friends, family and neighbours and buying souvenirs. Most of our products went on sale this week, and we  have seen our Coronation Lewis teddy bear flying off the shelves along with our exclusive Silent Pool, Coronation Edition Gin.”

An occasion not to miss 

Now let’s take a minute to understand the thinking at Waitrose. Clearly, for all supermarkets, certain events give them bumper sales opportunities. Christmas, Easter and New Year are typical occasions. 

However, this year it appears that Christmas has come early for the retailers as they get an extra occasion to celebrate and cash in.

It comes at a time when consumers are incredibly price-conscious, and many major supermarkets, including Waitrose, had to slash prices. 

At this time, there is an incredible strain on supermarkets, such as Tesco, whose profits halved last year due to the cost of living crisis. 

So this will undoubtedly be a welcomed opportunity for all supermarkets to increase their trading figures at a time of celebration. 

Big occasions, big relevance 

Waitrose must be a part of this occasion and play a significant role. When you think of a royal occasion, you instantly think of high-end quality and opulence. 

Both sit in Waitrose’s domain to deliver, so it’s a great moment to win new customers and delight existing ones. 

Insight through intel 

Waitrose has the nation’s pulse at its fingertips and uses it well. They can determine what shoppers want by analysing search trends and buyer behaviours. 

This is crucial in formulating their product ranges and items to purchase. 

So whether you are after a toy bear, a choco dog or bubbles, you can be sure it’s within arms reach at your local Waitrose store. 

Thank you, Waitrose, for giving us all a fine experience at this wonderful moment for the country. 

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