Brand advertising drives sales in the short and long term – please don’t overcomplicate it! 


I think we as a marketing industry have gotten a little bit carried away with the separation of brand vs performance and their roles in driving both short and long-term sales. 

Whilst, I think in certain instances building our marketing plans around this different styles of communication can be helpful, it comes with a clear watch-out not to fall into silo’ed thinking. 

I think this is particularly the case when we put brand-based advertising solely into the ‘long term’ bucket. This is just plain wrong.  

Brand advertising, can:

– Drive short-term sales uplifts
– Reduce customer acquisition costs in the short term due to its halo effect
– Its emotional appeal can act as a trigger to ‘buy’ now, particularly in CPG and other ‘fast purchase’ categories
– Create medium and long-term enduring demand that reinforces the short-term sales pipeline

Take this latest advert by Müller UK & Ireland, its witty, its memorable and has short-term sensory appeal, yum, I’m hungry, I fancy a yogurt. 😋

It’s baked in the right marketing science as well. 

Distinct brand assets and ofcourse a take on the iconic song by Vanilla Ice, means it’s hard not to pass it by without you singing it in your head. 

Placement near physical distribution is key, which Clear Channel UK are masters at. 

You would not typically associate ‘out of home’ or other broad beam channels, with short term activations and indeed studies show that it is typically used for longer term salient efforts, however, when you mix it in with the right creative it can absolutely achieve both. 🥊

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