Fever-Trees’ Foray into your Front room 

Fever Tree's latest innovation, cocktail mixers for your front room, is a perfect example of extending into new branded occasions.

Fever-Tree has struck it large again with their latest set of in-home cocktail mixers. 

Now, you can enjoy authentic bar-quality cocktails in the comfort of your front room, blended to a tee.

They have mixed a dash of customer behaviour, stirred it up in a simple-to-use way, and served it in a new occasion opportunity. 

Let’s break it down and take a sip at why this is such an exciting move by the drinks giant. 

Consumer Behaviour

As the cost of living bites, people are simply economising and going out less. According to Night Time Industries Association, one in five clubs and pubs have had to close in the last few years. 

Whilst people may be venturing out less, they are substituting it with enjoying themselves in the comfort of their own homes. And are looking for ways to bring their nightlife into their home. Fever Tree’s mixer range is a perfect way to indulge and feel a little fancy whilst staying in.

Fever Tree also understood the broad trend towards alcohol-free drinks, from 0% alcohol lager to 0% spirits. By offering the perfect mixer, they cater to those that want a 0% option.

Ease of use

One thing they got right was to keep the proposition very simple, i.e. add your spirit.

Yet it’s uncompromising on the quality of the drink, which aspires to taste like it’s shaken and stirred by a professional cocktail maker. 

It’s a lesson on proposition design and keeping the consumer benefit in mind the entire time: less hassle, yet no compromise. 

New occasion opportunity

Now here is really where they pack a punch. According to Kantar, there are five ways to grow your brand. Amongst them is to increase the occasions through which people consume a product. 

Fever Tree has extended its drinks into a new occasion and category through this swift move. Now, you can associate their drinks with a premium night out or classy night in. 

So when you get on your dancing shoes on the “front room” floor, you will reach for a cocktail perfectly mixed by Fever Tree. 

Saturday Night “Fever”

With that in mind, what are your weekend plans? A little Saturday Night “Fever” perhaps?

If you want to get groovy at home, pop over to your local Sainsbury’s, Waitrose or order to your door on Ocado, for a little something to spice up your night in.

Of course, all leveraging “physical availability”.

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