Most important marketing lesson I’ve learn’t 

Do you want to know the number one thing I have learn't about marketing communications from over 20 years in the industry?
Lessons learned

Your content ONLY has two purposes:

Inform OR entertain 🤩

Your role is to figure out how your brand and content strategy can add value to your audience in these ways. 

This is the key to getting cut through. ✂️

Here is my killer question: 

How can you get your content to inform AND entertain? 💡

Every single best communication in the world achieves both. 

They convey a single message (inform) in a creative and novel way that grabs attention (entertain). 

If you only inform no one pays attention or remembers you. 

If you only entertain they may remember the ad but not the message (and brand). 

Before releasing ANY content be honest with yourself; does it inform AND entertain? 

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