On your “Bike” with Lloyds Banking Group 

Lloyds Banking Group's latest ad oozes marketing science. Here I dissect the key elements of what makes this a real belter of an ad.

When Girl power and horsepower combine, you know you are in for a turbo-charged journey. And this is exactly the combination at the centre of Lloyds Banking Group and Adam and Eve’s latest campaign called “Bike”. 

Depicting an adolescent’s journey into a teen as she navigates her way to bike like a pro. As they say, small oaks build great oak trees, especially when supported by her trusted stead. It’s refreshing, it’s exciting, it’s emotional. It’s confident, which in fact, is the undertone of the ad. 

And it’s also a first. It’s the first time that Lloyds Banking Group has executed their branded Black Horse combined with a product, in this instance, for young people. Whilst it goes against the grain of conventional thinking, i.e. do brand or performance but don’t do both in one, I think it works. 

They chose the right product, a child’s spending and saving account, to accompany the brand comms. I think this enhances rather than detracts from the message. I also think it provides substance over what sometimes are nebulous brand ads. 

Baked in Marketing Science

The campaign is fully baked in marketing science. Each master stroke has been carefully crafted to provide a perfect sense of nostalgia yet hyper-relevant for our times. Let’s dissect this. 

Firstly, launched shortly after International Women’s Day, it sends a powerful message about confidence and independence. So is culturally relevant and on point. 

Secondly, ooo the music. Alicia Keys’ “Girl on fire” is a banging tune to accompany the girl’s journey as her confidence increases. 

Thirdly, the Black Horse features in both subtle and prominent ways. Their one number distinct brand asset is nicely weaved into the ad at all stages. It shows a lovely connection between the girl and the animal, a powerful memory structure builder. 

Fourthly, the storytelling is infectious and gripping. You want to see the progression, and it has the right dollops of joy and suspense. 

Fifthly and finally, you get a real sense of the place. Interestingly, the opening scenes are in areas you are familiar with, as in previous ads, we have seen the Black Horse. 

It’s an absolute belter of an ad and one that I’m sure will resonate with their audience. 

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