Tesco inadvertently helps Aldi gain brand salience

A super example of what is known as 'a marketing case study in years to come’. Tesco helps Aldi to gain brand salience.
Tesco Aldi

Supermarket wars are in full swing, with a more sober tone and focus on price offers this year. 💷

In what has been named ‘a marketing case study in years to come’.

Tesco have come out guns blazing, benchmarking Aldi’s prices as the cost of living really starts to bite. 🔫

The question is, is this more an advert for Aldi than it is for Tesco?

From stores to billboards and across our screens, we see Aldi front and centre as the UKs best value supermarket, paid for by Tesco!

Here is what happened:

In the current economic climate, Tesco decided to overtly price match thousands of items with Aldi, now the UKs fourth largest supermarket.

Seemed sensible, right?

Well, they went out with great gusto with a full scale campaign with side by side brand placements showcasing Aldi as the price leader in the market.

What they inadvertently did was as much an advert for Aldi as it was for Tesco. In the customers mind, it subliminally planted and reinforced the message that Aldi was in fact the cheapest supermarket.

The frequency, exposure and publicising Aldi’s brand assets and brand positioning is a classic tale of the perils and risks of going head to head with competitors in this way.

According to Grocery Gazette, Aldi has taken £170m of sales from major supermarkets including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrisons in the past three months. Tesco being impacted the most with around a third of this figure coming from them.

Guess you should be careful who you publicise in the marketing world!

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