The King of the Marketing Jungle: Blogging


They always say that words can change the world.

When it comes to marketing we have many tactical techniques we can use to grow and engage our audiences, some more effective than others.

To me the most effective… the daddy…the king is none other than the blog. 🦁

Now your all probably rolling your eyes at this rather unsexy tool, but let me explain.

A blog has so many benefits to your ecosystem that it wins poll position to me.

Search 👀

It is one of the main tools to increase your brand’s presence across the web, given its search benefits. Think keywords, think aligning to your audience’s interest, think click through rates with the right tags and think dwell time on your site. There is so much to go after.

Back links 🔖

As part of this, it will form a vital part of your backlink strategy to improve your SEO authority and ranking.

Organic social 🗣

It has the power to drive traffic from organic social media, using short form content to peak interest and then the longer version on your blog page.

It’s an ideal way to bring in new audiences to get them interested in your content.

Acquisition and retention tool 🙌

Must people separate these activities but with a blog you can kill two birds with one stone. It’s a vital source of new traffic as well as getting existing audiences coming back for more.

Use good CRM, such as email, to drive people to your website consistently to check out new posts.

A multi-format tool 📹

Now if you think blogs are only words, think again. It’s completely multi-formatted with video playing an important role. You should use all available formats to include in your blog.

Finally, a piece of advice. Yes the space is crowded and it takes time and effort. So build your blog daily and consistently around key content clusters. This way your building the right authority in the area you want to be known for.

One of the best unintended consequences of a blog is your ability to structure your thinking in a way that will help you learn more, become more curious and also challenge yourself to key up to date with the latest developments in your industry.

It’s the king of the marketing jungle to me.

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