The Marketing Funnel: Are you struggling with the messy middle?


It’s that part of the marketing funnel between ‘awareness’ and ‘conversion’ where a consumer considers or evaluates your brand against others.

It is referred to as ‘messy’ since there are so many permutations of the journey it’s hard to define how a consumer will engage at this stage.

So what are some of the best messaging and positioning techniques to get your brand ahead of the rest?

Google has conducted millions of A/B tests to determine 6 key techniques to incorporate into your message (link in comments):

1. Category heuristics: have short descriptions of key aspects of your product

2. Power of now: the longer you have to wait for the product the weaker the decision becomes

3. Social proof: recommendations and reviews from other are powerful persuaders

4. Scarcity bias: as stock decreases, desirability increases

5. Authority bias: expert opinions make a big difference

6. Power of free: a gift or a trial can be a good motivator

What other techniques do you use?

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