The Rise and Shine of Jacksepticeye

Jacksepticeye has re-launched his Top of the Mornin' coffee to great effect. Here I take a look at its merits & why I think its one to watch.
The Rise and Shine of

Wake up and smell the coffee! This is precisely what Jacksepticeye, Youtuber with over 29 million followers, wants you to do.

He has recently re-launched Top of the Mornin’ coffee, boasting the tagline “absurdly good coffee”. It’s a brave and effective attempt at breaking the mould of speciality coffee to be something everyone can enjoy.

The new branding gives it an instant standout with its spritely bright colours, reflective of exactly how they want you to feel in the morn. Its logo’s a lil sunny face to provide you with a smile when you reach out for your morning pick-me-up.

The inspiration behind the shiny new re-brand pays homage to Sean’s (aka Jacksepticeye) personality and positive outlook on life.

Who is Jacksepticeye?

Sean himself is a masterful content creator and, by his admission, is not looking to be a business mogul. Rather doing things he loves and is passionate about is front of mind. In an interview with Forbes, he said he doesn’t want to be put into a box; instead, he tries his hand at multiple areas.

True to his word, he hit his initial success as a gamer, recording his reactions as he played. He then spiralled into content creation, where he amassed his vast following.

From this launchpad, he released a clothing label, Cloak, which has some excellent and attractive designs.

He wanted to create high-quality apparel and spearhead the brand with his friend Markiplier.

Collectively, they have over 50 million Youtuber followers.

Humorously of late, there has been a shake-up of the management team.

Markiplier has taken a back seat and is now chief stamp officer.


But goes to show how they guys operate.

Top of the mornin’ coffee

So when you think your morning couldn’t get any better, Jacksepticeye comes along to top it off.

It oozes personality and tantalises your taste buds with its wholesome flavours.

It has various varieties from dark, medium and light, each packed with a punch to spruce your day.

You can read the countless positive reviews the coffee brew has received on Reddit and

Best of all, it’s headed up by the legend Hugh Thomas, so you know it’s going places.

Let’s take a look at what makes this coffee brew so unique.

The Brand

You’ve got to love the re-brand. But, honestly, look at the before and after to appreciate its genius.

They moved the brand palette and personality from something bland that would not stand out in the coffee aisle to the opposite. Now, they have created a standout brand.

You have to compare who they are against to see the method in their madness. Most coffee brands play it safe, with dark, dull colours and a lack of difference between them.

It reminds me of Tony’s Chocolonely and its success with its bright colours across its premium chocolate range.

So TOTM coffee has nailed the importance of standing out on a shelf. But they go beyond colours and into a personality that is distinct as well.

The typography, the tagline and the imagery all come together to give it a unique look and feel.

This brand has much to be proud of in a world where Professor Bryon Sharp poses mounting evidence for the impact of distinctiveness.

Captive audience

There is no getting away from the huge fan following of Jacksepticeye. Imagine, if in every video, you see him sipping on his coffee as he brings to life his latest creation for all the masses to see.

Ah, there is no better way to bring the coffee’s positioning to life than seeing him in action. It’s almost an “if this is what the coffee can do for me, imagine what it can do for you” moment.

Being one of the most in-vogue Youtubers can’t hurt either, and many will want to be seen by association with him. So what better way than to have his brew on your shelf, whether in-shot or out-of-camera shot?

Dominate an occasion

This brand stands out for understanding two fundamental concepts of marketing and consumer psychology; Occasion-based marketing and the role of category entry points.

If you can build frequency into your message so that your audience begins to associate you with a specific, daily occasion, you are really onto a winner.

This relates to a category entry point where you need to position your brand to come to mind when someone thinks they need something you are buying. Their focus on one central coffee-drinking occasion is a smart move in driving that message home. They are ready to serve freshness when you wake up needing a hit.

UX on the website

Ohhhh, you’ve got to check out the site. They have locked in some brilliant yet simple UX elements that give it oomph quite like no other.

It’s a blend (forgive the pun) of personal stories, personality, professionalism and playfulness! Elements include taking a quiz to find your perfect coffee right through to Sean’s story.

If you navigate to the end, you will notice the lovely sunshine character walking away, which leaves you all warm and fuzzy. All this screams – you want to be a part of it and make that first purchase. And if you don’t fancy a coffee, you can get a whole load of merchandise to tout the brand to your friends and family.


It has all the makings of being a famous brand. The big question I have on my mind is all about logistics and distribution. We have seen the stress and strain ecomm and D2C are under currently. And Hugh knows the importance of getting distribution spot on as it’s where the rubber hits the road.

So what will be most interesting is how they bridge the distribution chasm to create cost-effective (multiple) channels to make this product zing.

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