Underpriced attention: a significant opportunity – YouTube Shorts  

YouTube Shorts is a great opportunity not to miss out on. Let me explain how and why.
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I can’t move an inch on social media without the “gurus” proclaiming the next big thing i.e. ChatGPT or some new AI tool. 

Whilst I enjoy a ‘head in the clouds’ moment, let me bring us all down to earth with a question. 

What is the second largest search engine on this planet? (Because you know the first!) Answer: YouTube. 

What are this planet’s third and fourth largest search engines? Answer: Tik Tok and Instagram. 

Why does this matter?

Firstly, search is our greatest gift as marketers for two reasons: 1. it provides insight into what people want. 2. It enables us to target buyer ‘intent directly’, which is the most critical signal a buyer can give us. 

Secondly, it presents today’s biggest arbitrage opportunity to leverage free attention. 

Whilst, everyone is obsessing over Google and ChatGPT, you go after the ‘white space’ moment in time. It won’t last forever, but it’s here for the taking today. 

It’s simple; every platform works based on supply and demand. So strike when there is high demand and low supply. It feels like a huge upside and very little downside; I’ll say it again; it’s free. 

YouTube Shorts

Let me ask you another question. How many times are you posting YouTube Shorts a day? 1…2…3….? Come on.

Most will say 0. 

Being the second largest search engine it presents an unprecedented opportunity to get in front of new audiences. 

Not to mention, YouTube Shorts have just started monetisation. This is big news as not only can you drive your audience into your funnel, but you can now also get paid for the privilege. 

How should you leverage the platform?

There are a number of key elements to consider when developing your YouTube Shorts. 

Title and Tags

Using the right titles and tags is super important to be picked up by the algorithm and should relate to what search terms the video refers to. 

Think carefully about these elements as they will make or break your video’s traction in search. 

A great tool I use is Tubebuddy; for a small monthly fee, it gives you insights into the type of titles and tags you should use. It gives you an instant return and I highly recommend it. 

Here are some further tips to consider:

  1. Focus on two metrics; click through rate and completion rate – most people focus on views, this is wrong 
  2. Your title is your hook; short title focussed on what will add value to the viewer. Value = they will be entertained or they will learn something 
  3. Title must be relatable and have broad appeal; too narrow and it will not get enough views 
  4. Description uses keywords and links to other YouTube videos. Minimum external links. 
  5. Concise and describes what is in the video including all the keywords required 
  6. Use relevant tags 


This is also key to making the video appealing to the audience. It needs to be really eye-catching. I typically use Canva for this, as their presets are helpful in getting you started on the process. 

  1. Make them unique, for example, have random numbers in the title or unpolished 
  2. Thumbnail – leaves you with an unanswered story 
  3. Thumbnail combines text and visuals 


Of course the content itself is significant. YouTube Shorts need to be under a minute and in a vertical format. 

So it’s really a snippet of information rather than a long-form piece. 

When developing your content link it to different buyer intents that exist, of which there are 4:

  • Informational: Seeking information about a particular product or service
  • Navigational: Looking for a specific location or destination
  • Commercial: Researching to determine which product/service to purchase
  • Transactional: Looking to make the purchase

This way, you can tap into the psychological state of your audience in the moment and develop relevant content for them. 

Here are some key tips to ensure you have in your content:

  1. Encourage engagement 
  2. Focus on motion and audio changes to keep engagement 
  3. Keep active viewing
  4. Constantly bring in new stimulus 
  5. Pause emphasises humour 

AI Tools

I would say that rather than focusing on AI as an output, focus on how it can help you generate better and faster content. 

ChatGPT is amazing for idea generation; Jasper can help with blog posts, Hotspot crafts amazing images etc. 

Using AI, you can also schedule posts and get post-campaign analysis quickly. 

Tom Goodwin recently coined AI as the Average of the Internet. I found that insightful as today, it still lacks true originality and authenticity. But if used in conjunction with our thoughts can be a game-changer. 


Most people make a distinction between search and social media. One generally is used for information and the other for entertainment. 

The lines have become wholly blurred, and therefore using social platforms like YouTube Shorts for information is the most significant opportunity for the moment. 

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