Bravo 👏 Cadbury you knocked it out of the park 🏏 with this example of distinctive brand assets.

One of the best examples of Brand Distinctive Assets, executed in advertising to a tee from Cadbury’s in India.

Their 5 Star brand has been a leading chocolate bar in India for decades. In fact, it’s one of the original and most popular bars in India that has endured lasting brand awareness for a long time. 📈

However, it was losing its shine. Shift competition from both domestic and international brands encroached on its turf, in a bid to eat into its pie. 🤔

Something needed to be done.

In what can only be described as a genius marketing move, they knew they needed to exemplify their brand salience to retain their front of mind status with the Indian consumer. 

Rather than going down the differentiation route with huge paid media in toe, they did something innovative; they looked inward at their existing brand assets. 

What they found staring them in the face, was incredible and took a little lateral thinking to achieve. 🤯

They took to the science in two ways; they double downed on their distinct brand assets and created an association with an everyday occasion.

Distinct Brand Assets

They noticed that their brand name, 5 Star, is also represented in just about every app on the planet in the form of a rating scale.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

So they took the opportunity to augment their packaging (another key aspect of building memory structures) to highlight the stars. 

Created an association

Now, they drew an association between the rating scale and their brand, which is clever since whenever someone has a positive experience and is about to give five stars on an app, they had an opportunity to also think of the chocolate brand. 🍫

Imagine, if your chocolate brand could be associated with the highest level of satisfaction in just about every aspect of your customer’s life?? 🏆

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