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Oralndo Wood - Podcast

The neuroscience behind successful advertising with Orlando Wood

In this episode, Orlando Wood, Chief Innovation Officer at System1 Group, took a dive in to the neuroscience behind what creates a successful advertising campaign in today’s digital world. We explored System 1 thinking, brand awareness vs performance advertising, AI in ad development and the key ingredients for a successful

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Cheryl Calverley - Podcast

Life as CEO of EveSleep, Cheryl Calverley

Cheryl brought an incredible energy to this episode as she spoke about her career journey and how she always evidently, been an entrepreneur at heart. She talks about her passion for psychology and neuroscience, and how she ties into EveSleep, the importance of bringing vulnerability to work, as well as

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Will Butler-Adams - Podcast

The value of marketing with Will Butler-Adams

In this episode Will Butler-Adams, the CEO of Bromptom Bikes joins us and reveals his true leadership style and how it ensures all of his staff are motivated and proud to work for Brompton. We also get an insight into Will’s controversial opinion on the value of marketing and how

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Lindsey Clay - Podcast

Life as the CEO of ThinkBox, Lindsey Clay

In this episode, the CEO of ThinkBox, Lindsey Clay joined us to share her story. Lindsey is a force to be reckoned with in the marketing space who enjoys being the first to challenge ways of thinking and thoughts, is a diversity and inclusion advocate and former President of WACL

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Dame Cilla Snowball MBE - Podcast

Life after being CEO at AMV, Dame Cilla Snowball MBE

After two and a half decades of being Group CEO at one of the largest Creative Agencies in the UK, AMV BBDO, Dame Cilla Snowball CBE took a step back to focus on her Grandmother duties with her new Grandson, and explore different opportunities in Science and Property. In this

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Andy Nairn - Podcast

The power of understanding your secret sauce with Andy Nairn

This week we were joined by Andy Nairn, Founding Partner at Lucky Generals who demonstrates throughout this episode that understanding your secret sauce is one of the key factors for having a successful career. Throughout, we also talk about privilege, the impact mentoring and reverse mentoring has had on his

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How To Become A Customer Service Practitioner

How to Become a Customer Service Practitioner

This series explores the wide range of marketing career paths available to help you decide your best fit. Next, let’s explore the role of customer service and what a career in customer service entails. What is a Customer Service Practitioner? Customer Service sits at the heart of every organisation. Delighting

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How to become a content creator - Career Paths

How to Become a Content Creator

This series explores the wide range of marketing career paths available to help you decide your best fit. Next, let’s explore the role of a Content Creator and how this can evolve into a fruitful career.  What is a Content Creator? A Content Creator sits at the heart of a

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