Data Analyst Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an aspiring digital marketing analyst but have 101 questions about whether it is the right career choice for you? We’re here to help you by answering some of the common questions we receive about becoming a digital marketing analyst apprentice. 


What is a Data Analyst?

A data analyst is responsible for reviewing and analysing data sets to understand critical insights into a business’s customers and using that data to help colleagues make essential business decisions. They will look for common trends and anomalies within the data and present this back to stakeholders in an easy-to-understand manner to be turned into actionable insights. 

How do I become a Data Analyst?

Both school leavers and graduates can enter a career – it isn’t essential to have a university degree to succeed in this area. As a school leaver, you could enrol in an apprenticeship course to learn on the job while earning a qualification which is a fantastic route into this career if you don’t want to go to university. Graduates entering data analyst roles typically come from a mathematical background such as studying statistics, economics, or data science. 

What skills do I need to be successful as a Data Analyst?

Due to the nature of the role, data analysts tend to have a high level of mathematical ability (good with numbers), can read and interpret data, methodical and logical in approach, have good problem-solving skills, and are detail-oriented individuals. Check out our latest article on the ten must-have skills of a data analyst. 

What qualifications will I earn?

The School of Marketing offers a best-in-class Data Analyst apprenticeship programme where the individual will be awarded a recognised Level 4 qualification upon completion of the course. A level 4 apprenticeship is equivalent to a foundation degree, a Higher National Certificate (HNC), or the first year of an undergraduate degree. With this qualification, the individual can progress into full-time employment in several related roles. 

What job prospects will I have upon completing the apprenticeship programme?

Individuals holding a data analyst qualification can enter a number of different roles, including but not limited to; business performance analyst, marketing analyst, data scientist and data assurance. This is a sought-after skill in today’s business environment, and the demand for data analysts is high, which provides good job prospects for anyone looking for a new role. 

What should my salary expectations be?

Post-qualification, entry-level salaries range from £23,000 – £25,000 rising with experience and knowledge to between £30,000 – £40,000 – depending on the company and sector. Experienced, high-level and consulting data analyst roles can command £60,000 or more, so there is room for growth and opportunities to progress within this career. 

Taking the next step

If you are interested in a career as a data analyst and need to study to gain a qualification in this area, then please reach out to speak to one of our team members for more information on the Level 4 Apprenticeship Programme to start your journey today.



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