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It’s more commercial and creative thinking we need in advertising

Somewhere along the way marketers, agencies and ad-land lost our way when it comes to the balance of creativity and commerciality in advertising. Consumed by fanfare, awards and caught up in the notion that we are the ‘creative’, rather than the ‘growth’ department. Exacerbating this, often we create advertising that

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Annualised pricing: the holy grail in a recession? 

According to Les Binet, pricing is the most important ‘P’ in a recession.  At the best of times I’m an annualised pricing fanboy 🙌 but in these tricky times I’m seriously all in 👣 on this approach for its recession-busting abilities for brands. It’s simple, offer a better deal than the

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The balance between performance and brand-based activities

60/40 40/60 80/20 20/80 To most, these numbers are pure gobbledygook but to a marketer they represent the most important equation: the balance between performance and brand based activities. Prevailing wisdom suggests a 60/40 split between brand and performance is optimal and is rarely contested. However, it is not as

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