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The ten must-have skills of a digital marketing analyst

Students often ask us what skills they need to become a marketing professional. Many skills and attributes make a good marketer, which varies depending on the area of marketing, which is why marketing is such a great career. It offers job prospects for everyone and opportunities to be a generalist

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Data Analyst Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an aspiring digital marketing analyst but have 101 questions about whether it is the right career choice for you? We’re here to help you by answering some of the common questions we receive about becoming a digital marketing analyst apprentice.    What is a Data Analyst? A data

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Customer Service Practitioner Frequently Asked Questions

Customer service is one of the most critical roles in business and is fundamental to a company’s success, yet this is often an overlooked career. We are here to change that. With the launch of our new Customer Service Practitioner Level 2 Apprenticeship Programme, we’ve pulled together our most common

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NEW Digital Marketing Apprenticeships Lunch and Learn

Discover how you can develop the skills for success with our digital marketing apprenticeship at this informal, virtual information session. We will host weekly drop-ins every Tuesday at 12:30 BST between August – December to answer your queries. We want to provide you with the information you need to decide

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How apprenticeships are helping to bridge the digital skills gap

The digital skills gap remains a topic of conversation among marketing directors, with an ongoing increase in demand for specialist skills in digital marketing and eCommerce and difficulty sourcing the right talent. As marketing technologies and platforms continue to innovate, the range of skills required is ever-growing, meaning that marketers

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Online learning: the new wave of education

The global pandemic caused a significant disruption in the education space, shifting away from the classroom to online. As a result, schools, universities and educational establishments were forced to shut their doors worldwide. We saw new e-learning platforms and mobile technologies emerge, enhancing individuals’ learning experience. The question is, is

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