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Developing a Marketing Campaign

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1 hour
Featuring: Paul Polman
Ex-CEO of Unilever

Objective of Course:

Marketing campaigns can be complex, as there are often many moving parts working together in order to create an effective campaign. Nike’s “Just do it”, Always’ “#LikeAGirl”, GoPro’s “Like a Hero”, P&G’s “Thank you, Mom”, and Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” – are all examples of successful marketing campaigns, which have grabbed people’s attention and made a lasting impression. So, what exactly is a marketing campaign and what is the process for creating one?

This course will provide you with the steps you need to take when delivering a creative campaign; by guiding you from inception right through to delivery of a campaign.

Here are a number of Topics We will Look at:

  • What a marketing communications campaign is

  • Types of campaigns

  • Marketing campaign process 

  • Researching during a campaign

  • How to budget for a campaign

  • Determining who and how to target

  • Enduring campaigns   

Learning outcomes:

  • Determine the key principles of what goes into developing a marketing campaign and processes

  • Be able to articulate and develop the strategic rationale, using data and insights for a marketing campaign

  • Make robust decisions on how the marketing campaign process, including key stakeholders, target audience, budgeting and bench marketing success

  • Be able to determine how to adapt and change a marketing campaign in an iterative way as things evolve over time

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