Let me tell you the 9 things we did and you can too (no matter your budget). 

A year ago, we put our faith in System 1 thinking and sought to implement it in our advertising.  

A year later, I want to reveal the process behind the ad that changed our course: 

1. Strong emotional appeal in the ad 

2. A relatable young character; our budget wouldn’t stretch to a celebrity but we thought our young man was perfect 

3. Scenes in a recognisable place that was slightly mysterious and memorable, which is why we choose a wonderful antique store

4. Melodious music; we would have preferred a recognisable song but the budget would not stretch

5. Created a bond between two people, they became close, a mentor/mentee relationship

6. Used the power of storytelling that was simple yet had elements of intrigue and serendipity, using a story arch 

7. Introduced a range of distinct assets throughout the ad, showcasing the School of Marketing in overt and subtle ways 

8. Ended with a specific call to action 

9. Tested and tweaked the creative several times. 


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