How to become a top marketer in the industry

Mentoring has become a massive part of the School of Marketing over the last 12 months. We set out on a mission to help as many young people impacted by the pandemic as possible by holding group mentoring sessions with some of the brightest minds in the marketing industry to share their advice and guidance. In addition, we are striving to open doors for young people to get a sense of what it is like to work in the industry.


Over 1000 young people have joined our sessions to date, where they have heard stories and advice from top marketing leaders. This knowledge and insight have helped many, but we wanted to spread this as far and wide as possible. So, we’ve rounded up our favourite words of wisdom and advice to share with you.  


Invest in your energy, to bring positive energy to others– Keith Weed, ex-CMO of Unilever.


Five pieces of advice that aspiring marketers need to hear

1. Say yes to every opportunity you get

A marketing career has endless possibilities. You never know where it could take you, so it’s important to say yes to every opportunity. You get to progress, learn something new and reach outside of your comfort zone – it’s all part of the adventure! 


2. Never stop building your network – connections are everything 

This is SO important. If there is one thing I have learned in the industry, your connections can lead to all sorts of opportunities. Find ways to meet new people, connect with them on LinkedIn and start building your network – this will undoubtedly be your most valuable asset in the future. 


3. Find a role that will allow you to grow. 

I love this piece of advice! It is very similar to what a colleague once said to me – within a role, if you are not learning something new and don’t enjoy it, it’s time to move on. Everyone should feel like their role is excellently challenging them to allow them to grow. If it’s not, then it’s time for a new challenge! 


4. Deliver from day one

Delivering from day one is all about being present in your role and finding ways to give from the get-go proactively. Think about where you can add value and support the team and your colleagues to deliver against the objectives. Impact in your role is vital! 


5. Understand the business you are in on all levels, not just your own

This is an excellent piece of advice! It’s essential to learn about the company you are in its entirety to understand your customers, operations, and how best you can help the company grow. Having that additional knowledge outside of your immediate team will set you apart from others and help you do a great job. Ask questions, lots of questions! 

The secrets to success in the world of marketing

These tips are like gold dust, and coming from experienced professionals, you know they will hold. These actions symbolise the essence of a successful, proactive marketer, and by sharing these widely, we hope to inspire more young people to succeed in their marketing careers. 

The Alice in wonderland guide to career planning – you’ll always get somewhere as long as you’re on the right path” – John Sills – Partner and Managing Director, The Foundation


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