Going against the grain with Arjoon Bose

In this episode, we are joined by Arjoon Bose, International Head of Creative & Growth Ideas at General Mills, who brought his passion for people and creativity to the table to talk about. Arjoon’s energy is evident as he shares some mottos that have allowed him to develop such and incredible, international marketing career for himself, when he once thought he was destined to be a Chartered Accountant… Accounting’s loss is marketing’s gain!


  • Smart creates solutions, stupid creates stories
  • Be a force for joy
  • Share your knowledge
  • Be curious, be courageous and do the brilliant basics
  • Always back yourself and trust your gut
  • Fail fast, bounce back faster


Who is Arjoon Bose? 


Arjoon has over 16 years of brand building and business leadership experience  across CPG via personal care products and now food and drink which he hopes to leverage in helping establish or grow the market for brands and create stakeholder viability while always being a vanguard of cultural leadership.

He started his career in beauty and worked across the three major brands of the L’Oreal Group (Garnier, Maybelline New York and L’Oreal Paris) for over a decade across Asia, North America and Europe/UK with two major marketing stints at the global headquarters in Paris.

After making many beauty dreams a reality with skin creams and hair creams, in the summer of 2015, he took his passion for indulgence up a notch with super-premium ice-cream-a much loved childhood icon that remains eternally popular globally… Haagen-Dazs, giving his career a new orientation in the world of foods with the American giant General Mills.

As of 2016, Arjoon then added the ‘better-for-you snacks’ portfolio to his belt which namely includes Nature Valley, the world #1 snack bar and has doubled the UK business under his leadership together with his team.

At the end of 2018, Arjoon transitioned to be a founding member of the General Mills New Ventures incubation team for Europe-Australasia setting up our Natural & Organic Business Unit for as well as our European Venture Capital arm which seeks.


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