The neuroscience behind successful advertising with Orlando Wood

In this episode, Orlando Wood, Chief Innovation Officer at System1 Group, took a dive in to the neuroscience behind what creates a successful advertising campaign in today’s digital world. We explored System 1 thinking, brand awareness vs performance advertising, AI in ad development and the key ingredients for a successful campaign. 

This episode is not one to miss for anyone interested in marketing and advertising! 

Who is Orlando Wood? 


Orlando Wood is Chief Innovation Officer of System1 Group and Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising. He is also a member of the IPA’s Effectiveness Leadership Group. Author of Lemon (IPA, 2019), Look out (IPA, 2021), co-author of System1, Unlocking Profitable Growth (2017), his research on advertising effectiveness draws on psychology and a study of the creative arts.


Orlando’s work has influenced thinking and practice in the research, marketing, and advertising, winning him awards from the ARF (Great Minds Distinction Award), the AMA (4 under 40), Jay Chiat (Gold Award for Research Innovation), ISBA (Ad Effectiveness Award), MRS (Best Paper and Research Effectiveness Awards) and ESOMAR (Best Methodology).


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