A NEW platform for our Mentoring Gen Z Programme

At the School of Marketing, we have made it our mission to make mentoring accessible and connect as many people as possible with industry-leading mentors and like-minded marketers to empower them to excel in their careers. Over the last year, we have seen incredible success growing our mentoring community by supporting young people with career and wellbeing-related advice and guidance.

The next step in our journey is to bring this community together in one powerful platform that allows further education, access to resources and the ability for our mentees to connect. Introducing… Guild.

What is Guild?

Guild is a platform purpose-built for professional groups, networks, and communities to connect, communicate and collaborate, offering a whole host of functionalities to enable participation. Through this platform, we are offering everyone on our mentoring programme access to the latest marketing resources and the ability to connect with one another and voice their opinions to enable us to have two-way dialogue as a community – which we know is crucial!

Our ambition with the platform is to enable our community to prosper and integrate everything we have learned to date in one space for ease. By joining the platform, members will be able to:


  • Become part of a thriving community of people on a similar journey enhancing conversations – we want our community to feel empowered to connect with and help one another   

  • Ask the group questions about their career, mentoring sessions, mentors, resources, or advice  

  • Give their opinions and thoughts on new discussions and topics 

  • Access resources that we/ or our mentors have recommended  

  • Get regular updates about our weekly mentoring sessions. 

How to join

We are launching the platform with a small group of members to enable us to test how it works and receive feedback to make the experience smooth sailing and valuable for all members. With this in mind, we invite those interested in joining the platform and helping us with the initial testing! Guild is free to join and can be accessed via your desktop or mobile. If you are interested in joining the community, please use the link – https://guildco.page.link/kCMuyaSViHqqQ8C97.

We hope to see as many of you on the platform as we embark on this journey! If you have any questions or challenges accessing the community, please contact lia@schoolofmarketing.co.uk


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