Annualised pricing: the holy grail in a recession? 


According to Les Binet, pricing is the most important ‘P’ in a recession. 

At the best of times I’m an annualised pricing fanboy 🙌 but in these tricky times I’m seriously all in 👣 on this approach for its recession-busting abilities for brands.

It’s simple, offer a better deal than the monthly price in exchange for money up-front. Cold. Hard. Solid. Cash. 💷


1. Cash is king 👑 
2. Cash today is worth more than cash tomorrow  
3. No need to speculate on fluctuating consumer shopping habits (LTV) 
4. Recover your entire CAC immediately (say what?!) 😎

What’s not to love ❤️.

Yet for some, it’s counter intuitive to get a customer to pay more upfront, making it less affordable in hard times.

I think the opposite, it’s a real win-win. 🏆

Customer gets better value for longer and you get vital dosh 💰 you need today with no need to speculate on future earnings. 

How can you implement it in your category? 

Think hard, it’s worth it. 🤔

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