Done is better than perfect and the power of a question 

Dan Sherwood, Marketing Director at Santander UK, shares some of his top advice for careers, work and life.
Dan Sherwood, Santander

We had the amazing Dan Sherwood from Santander join us on the School of Marketing Mentoring programme yesterday. 

So many insights to share but two struck and stuck with me. 

1. Done is better than perfect 

One of his key lessons that really stuck with me was when he said that “done is better than perfect”. It’s the perfect metaphor for work, careers and life. 

He took this to mean that if we view life as a series of experiments we can all achieve super outcomes. It’s not about waiting for the perfect point to launch into a new job, product or indeed life decisions. 

The real insight is to cease opportunities, gives things a go, recognise that you won’t be perfect (own that part as well) and forge ahead. 

It’s only when you dive in do you realise how go you are at it and how much you may actually enjoy doing it. 

2. The power of a question 

In these times, Dan was asked many questions about career changes and how do you stand out in a new role when you may not know everything about it. 

His response was so insightful. He said it all starts by asking the right question in the right context. So when starting out, simply put yourself in (sometimes daunting) situations where you get to ask an insightful question that others can take notice. 

You wouldn’t believe that the simple art of asking an insightful, curious question can set you a part in so many ways. 

Go forth and conquer. 

Dan much ❤️👊 

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