Didn’t we predict an ad free world? Hottest new marketing channels

New emerging marketing channels

Part marketers, part naysayers predicted the ‘death of advertising’ citing reducing consumer attention spans, lack of trust, ad blockers and the rise of VOD and ad free subscriptions. 

But we are actually seeing the opposite happening where advertising is actually pervading even sacred ‘advertising free zones’. 🤯

Here are four of the hottest areas every marketers should consider as part of their marketing channel mix: 

  • Podcasts 🎧

Pipped to be one of the most powerful emerging channels. 

Podcast advertising delivers a real punch, according to Neilson who suggests a 71% ad re-call when heard through this channel. 

There are so many ways to advertise through podcasts; on platform banners, in-pod intros, mid-way messages, sponsored sections and even organically by being a guest on popular pods. Don’t miss out! 

  • Advertising-led Video on demand (AVOD) 📺

This one is HUGE and will be a big challenger to the current TV advertising model. With Netflix moving into this space, we can see the rise of AVOD as consumers feel their pockets pinch and opt for advertising-led VOD rather than the subscription based ad free equivalent. 

This is currently a mega opportunity for marketers, agencies and advertisers who are looking to gain strides in current media ‘white space’. 

  • Retail media 🛍

Ooh I love this channel, it’s getting so good in terms of the reach and BOTH top and bottom of the funnel impact. 

The level of sophistication of targeting shoppers who are in category but not yet used your brand (i.e. light buyers and top of funnel) on the one hand and targeting shoppers with a high propensity to purchase (and re-purchase) at the other end (conversion/bottom of funnel) is just unparalleled. 

This is because the level of shopper data that retailers hold is incredible. So much so, retailers like Boots have set up their own retail media units to contend with demand. 

This channel is also critical for brands in an eventual cookie-free world. Here is a great article about it.

  • Community and shoppable platforms 💈

With all social media brands making bigs moves in this space, it offers an ability to capture in-context and in-the-moment purchase opportunities. Ad in contextualise targeting for community groups and you have added to the firepower of this channel. 

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