What can Coldplay can teach us about brand distinctiveness? 

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Every marketer today knows about the importance of distinct assets. 👍

In fact, according to the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute and Byron Sharp, it plays a fundamental role in brand effectiveness. 

So when engaging in brand partnerships there is always a danger of brand dilution as you weave between two brands assets, symbols and cues. It’s a big watch out. 👀

But there was a recent partnership that I think worked wonders about reinforcing brand distinctiveness between DHL and Coldplay. 

The band promised to stop touring until they found a more environmentally friendly way of doing so. And they found the perfect logistics partner to help, DHL. 

Together they re-engineered the value chain to reduce CO2 emissions, used recycled packaging and even used kinetic energy from concert revellers dancing to produce energy; super smart use of tech I would say. 🧠

But the real genius is in a jointly produced communication, which featured the song ‘Yellow’ which is DHL’s primary distinct brand colour. A double whammy as colours and music are two key distinct assets and also drivers of emotion. 

The advert features delivery drivers singing the song and culminates in Coldplay on stage as well, an ultimate brand distinct asset ie celebrities! 

So all in all, DHL won on so many fronts with this wonderful partnership. 

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