Wrexham AFC – a true case of fandom

Wrexham AFC has shown us that dreams do come true. Here I take a look at how they are able to build up their fanbase and achieve true fandom.
Wrexham AFC - a true case of fandom (2)

Wrexham has created a fandom movement quite like no other. The stats speak for themselves. They tripled their audience attendance within two years and 25x’ed their social media following in 12 months.

Here is the moment it all happened:

You cant help by marvel at the achievements of this relatively unheard-of and obscure club.

In what will go down as nothing short of a fairytale ending and certainly something out of a movie (watch this space!), Wrexham FC returns to the English Football League after a 15-year hiatus. 

I love it. Its truly an underdog story that, with a twist of faith, has seen a revival that is the worldwide envy of the football scene.

It really all started when two Hollywood blockbusting legends, Ryan Reyolds and Rob McElhenney, decided to buy the unknown club in late 2020 for £2 million. 

Two and a bit years later and they are back. And back with great gusto, with a bit of that Reyolds magic that have not only forged into the financial red but also proved that things can take dramatic turns with a bit of passion, spirit, and momentum. 

Today, I would like to take a bow to the club and look at how they turned a sleepy side into a case of fandom that merits kudos like no other. 

Start with an underdog moment

Every great story needs to start at the bottom. They need to bring people together to feel a part of the climb. If the pair bought Man Un or another A-list team, it wouldn’t have the same magic. This is the art of true storytelling, where you begin with an unlikely scenario and then take people with you on the journey. 

So much so that the number of fans buying season tickets have nearly tripled, here is the low-down:

  • 2019: 2,609
  • 2021: 5,892
  • 2022: 6,820

Bringing the fans in through content

The opening gambit or trailer by Reyolds and McElhenney plays to the fact that they are complete outsiders, complete novices and, quite frankly, don’t have a clue. Yep, precisely who you want spearheading your football club. 

But hold your horses, for whatever Reyolds touches seems to have logic and magic in equal measure. 

This piece of content led to the beginning of their documentary on the club which scored them a cool $4 million.

Beyond the much-needed cash, they were able to bring their fan base together and give them the inside scope for the first time. 

It is on the same path that Formula 1 drove with their Drive to Survive series.

It helps eluminates the journey quite like to other mediums. 

Today, Wrexham have gained a stellar social media following: 

  • Twitter: 45k to 209k (+364%)
  • Instagram: 27k to 208k (+670%)
  • TikTok: 0 to 459k

Have a clear and audacious vision

After setting the scene, they set some audacious goals for the club and fans to get behind.

On several occasions, Reyolds has laid out a plan to get this club into the Premiership.

So he bears a lovely sentiment when he says,

“Theoretically, it’s possible, so why not strive to make it happen”. 

A vision of audacious proportions gets the fans behind this journey and makes them want to be a part of every adventure. 

Be human

Despite his superstar status, Ryan knows the importance of being human and relatable to fans. Amongst many touching moments, Reyolds met with Jay Fear, who has terminal appendix cancer and gave him a load of memorabilia from Dead Pool. 

In another example, you can see Reynolds championing autism inclusion, with the following detailed in a post from Ellie Middleton: 

🌟 The ground has an autism quiet zone with dedicated quiet entrance, and even a sensory space to use if things get too much!

🌟 The club offer ear defenders to any supporter that might need them.

🌟 Super Paul Mullin wore autism awareness boots after opening up about his son’s diagnosis.

Be unexpected

Who would have thought that Wrexham would get to play the legends, Man United? 

Well, this is exactly what happened.

And, of course, it was announced in style with none other than Sir Alex Ferguson making a debut.

Another funny piece of content but a vast and significant moment for the club as it truly hits the world stage. 


What a class act the whole tale is from start to finish. And of course, the ending is still to be written. It certainly helps that you have two Hollywood superstars fronting the club and with it comes excitement and a considerable amount of good willl from fans worldwide. 

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